'Greetings from Langenburg' mural was created by the Town of Langenburg Economic Development Officer as part of the town's tourism development initiative in 2021. The goal of the mural is to encourage town visitors to stop and get to know our community. 
The name Langenburg consists of 10 letters, 10 building blocks that form our community: 
  • Letter L is our beginning, it is our history
  • Letter A showcases our active church community that brings much-needed support and help.
  • Letter N represents our strong province Saskatchewan that we are part of and its official flower the Prairie Lily. You can find this flower growing on the north side of town.
  • Letter G reflects our welcoming community that is open to new people and experiences.
  • Letter E represents our large arts community widely known in all of Saskatchewan.
  • Letter N represents our active sports community that offers many sporting events and programming throughout the year. 
  • Letter B represents the town's focus on family and its well-being.
  • Letter U is our gratitude to the agricultural community and their contribution to the community's economy. 
  • Letter R reveals our community's power and 'can-do attitude. 1.8 million was raised over a couple of years and a brand new pool was built in 2021.
  • Letter G is the final but the most important community building block. It is our community founders that laid a strong foundation for Langenburg's future!
 Thanks to Ty's Pharmacy for donating the space on their business exterior wall.