Potter's People

Husband and wife team, Mel and Carol Schaab live on an acreage outside of Langenburg and have been sculpting there for over 30 years. 

Carol initially became interested in clay through a course offered by Joan Wilson from Saltcoats. It become a shared creative experience with her three children and Mel joined in. Her introduction to raku came as a result of a course Mel took in Melville by potter and raku artist John Cloutier. 

Potter’s People began when Carol started working with clay making hand sculpted figurines and gophers for Langenburg’s own Gopherville. She started taking her wares to local craft sales and hence the name Potter’s People involved into a craft business. 

"Our sense of inspiration comes from Canada and its vast and diverse landscape. Our climate is changing so incredibly fast and along with this the disappearance of so many things. I feel art transcends our country and culture. Our clay is our canvas whether its an abstract, whimsical/moose or a garden face it’s simply made from clay (there is no plastic in this work). Our belief or aspirations are that our work act as a translation of our simple beliefs and contemplation on this changing world capturing whimsy & beauty that art adds to this earth and its beauty. Our medium happens to be clay and Potters begins with such basic materials, so simple and uncomplicated, and yet resulting in endless possibilities, creating with clay is one of the most ancient forms of art”.

Raku is very demanding and equally unpredictable form of pottery originally 
developed in Japan. It begins as an ordinary process with clay being rolled out and sculpted, 
bisque fired in an electric kiln and then glazed. Its then put into barrel fired with a propane tiger torch. Each piece is heated to 1850º degrees at which point the unpredictability of raku begins to emerge. Raku is a very primitive way of firing. The different effects are free and uncontrolled, the endless patterns and varied metallic lustres are left to the whims of the fire forming in the reduction barrel filled with combustible organic materials such as straw or sawdust, pine needles. Even the temperature and type of weather can affect the ultimate look of the piece. This creates a unique unpredictable color lustres and patterns. 

Annually Mel and Carol host two home shows:

-Garden of Inspirations. Garden of Inspirations is held in the loft of their barn the third weekend of June. It is a two-day sale featuring the contemporary raku art pieces, abstracts tiled mirrors and whimsical garden décor for home and garden. The show joins fellow artists and craftspeople, yoga, live music and delicious cheesecakes made by Carol’s Mom Joan Fox and sister Sher Fox. Carol’s sister Wanda and Family join to help with this two-day event, which will be on June 19 & 20, 2020. It will be 22nd "Garden of Inspirations" show!

-Christmas in the Country. Christmas in the Country which is held the last weekend in November showcasing charming gifts and whimsical holiday décor for home, served up with warm cider & fresh gingerbread, once again, lovingly made by Joan Fox, Carol’s mom. 

Carol’s work was selected as Adjudicators choice in Langenburg Annual Adjudicators Art Show and gone onto the provincial show. Carol & Mel’s works has been shown at numerous juried craft shows throughout the province, such as "SunDog” in Saskatoon and "Our Best to You” in Regina. They have also shown and sold work at the Cumberland Gallery in the Saskatchewan Legislature Buildings and the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina. 

They do take custom orders and have created many in the past. Please check out Potter’s People Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SaskPottersPeople/

"I feel art is something inside you, your inner voice, your conscience, express it, process or just deal with it. But ENJOY IT! We are blessed that so many people have enjoyed it.” 

"We would like to thank Langenburg and surrounding area for supporting and enjoying our art and making our business so viable in small town Saskatchewan. We look forward to meeting new customers and welcome our loyal customers to Christmas in the Country that will be this week November 29, 5:00 pm -10:00 pm and November 30, 10:00 am - 5 pm.”
Mel and Carol Schaab
P: (306) 743-5079
Directions // Langenburg, SK
from hwy 16 (at Langenburg Motors dealership) turn south on country road / travel 3 km and turn right at Potter's People.