The Town of Langenburg has had a pharmacy since 1940 and right now has two of them!


With over 680 stores across the country, Pharmasave is one of Canada's leading independent pharmacy and drugstore retailers. They focus is to provide exceptional service, products and advice. The store also carriers seasonal merchandise, home decor, cosmetics, greeting cards, stationary, and much more.  

219 Kaiser William Ave.
P: 306-743-2333


Ty's Pharmacy

Ty's Pharmacy was opened on July 18, 2019. Tyrel Thorpe, the owner, is an experienced pharmacist dedicating himself to care of patients. He provides consultations, medication reviews, medical counselling, flu and travel vaccinations, as well as prescribing for many other minor ailments. He work with doctors, nurse practitioners and other professionals to ensure patients get the best possible care.

101 Kaiser William Ave.
P: 306-743-1212