Mosaic Walls

In the beginning, there was an idea to build nine 'Mosaic Walls' but due to unexpected difficulties, the project was narrowed to three. The walls were done with colored tiles but they did not last long and eventually were redone to black and white.
The first mosaic wall 'Coat of Arms' wall was designed in 2005 by local artist Jan Layh

The Coat of Arms represents German Heritage (Eagle). The blue and white diamond shapes in the background of the two images are a typical Bavarian design. The images in the drawing represent agriculture, potash, and the pioneer spirit of people in the community. The colored banners in the drawing used to hang along the light poles on the main street in Langenburg.  
The 'Coat of Arms' wall was sponsored by the Family & Friends Community Foundation.
The second mosaic wall 'Pioneer' wall was built to honor the men and women pioneers whose hard work, determination, and strong faith founded this community. It was designed by Jan Layh and sponsored by Bernard & Aline George.

The third mosaic wall 'Memorial Wall' was sponsored by the Legion and designed by Jan Layh as well.
Project volunteers: Jan Layh, Mable and Naomi Mund, Adam Layh, Tim Raine, and Jesse Dressler.