Why you should volunteer:

Learn more about volunteering, how to become one and where you can help!

  1. A list of community groups and information can be found here. Read up on each one to find out if this is a fit for you.
  2. Learn different ways to get involved in the community here.
  3. Visit www.volunteer.ca for even more resources and for provincial and national volunteering opportunities.
  4. Watch this video to be inspired to start volunteering!


Already a volunteer?   

Volunteer Job Description Tool
  • Is your group or organization struggling to find volunteers?
  • Do you need help recruiting volunteers?
  • When is the last time your group reflected on what jobs need to be done by your organization? And HOW you do those jobs?
  • Do you have a document stating what each volunteer does for your organization in case someone was to leave?
This tool may be very useful for you! Laying out the information may help others decide if they can commit to a volunteer position. It may help others understand what it is exactly they would need to do as well as inform them about the time commitment. The Langenburg Community Development Committee can assist you with this tool as well as help advertise for your volunteer openings. 

Need help recruiting new volunteers?

Email recreation@langenburg.ca through our volunteer database we will help connect you to new volunteers. 

Mayor's Proclamation
  • WHEREAS, 12.7 million Canadian volunteers give their time to help others, contributing close to 2 billion volunteer hours per year; and
  • WHEREAS, volunteers in Langenburg mentor our children, feed our hungry, comfort our lonely, beautify our green spaces, fundraise for our charitable organizations; and
  • WHEREAS, Langenburg’s volunteers are young, old, families, workers, retirees, men and women of all ages and backgrounds; and
  • WHEREAS, the collective result of the work done by our towns’ volunteers is that Langenburg is a more desirable place to live; and
  • WHEREAS, organizations in Langenburg that rely on volunteers include such fundamental organizations.
  • NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor of Langenburg, urge my fellow citizens to recognize the crucial role played by volunteers in our community.