Henrietta Scholz

Henrietta (Reta) Scholz (93) - incredible quilting story

"I sewed pretty much all my life” – her quilting story begins Reta. She sewed clothes for all 3 of her daughters until and when they went to University. "When they left home, I had all that material left and thought I could start making quilts. The same time I found out that the Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) was looking for quilts. So, for the last 25 years all my quilts have been going to this organization which sends quilts to families who really need them. Most of my quilts go to Africa, where they use them as room dividers, carpets, bedding, and bags to carry babies” – says Reta.

She couldn’t answer how many quilts she had made because she had never kept track. "Some years I have made 50, some years 70” – says Reta.  Starting this September 2019 until now, Reta has made 77 60x80 quilts and 32 baby quilts. 2 years ago, when she turned 91, Reta challenged herself and made 91 60x80 quilts and donated them all to CLWR.

"I am thankful for St. Paul Lutheran Church for support and all the people who donate material for my quilts and Langenburg Home Hardware for delivering them to Winnipeg" - thanks Reta. "I try to use anything I am given. I am the worlds greatest recycler”- laughs R. Sholtz.

When she was asked what motivates her to work so hard, she said "I do it because I want to give those women, kids, hospitals and orphanages a bit of me. I want to make them something special, made by me. Those children need something soft to cover themselves or to make their families life’s easier. Another reason why I am quilting is for me. It helps me not think about my husband who is in the care home” – smiles Reta.

This incredible 93 years old young-looking woman also gardens, drives a car, visits her husband every day in the care home and gives a bit of herself for all the world! We are proud to have you in our community, Henrietta!