The George Layh Theater

The George Layh Theatre is a center of the arts in our community and is managed by The Langenburg Arts Council (LAC). 

In 2005, George Layh, a retired farmer from Langenburg gifted the Arts Council with $300,000 to renovate and extend the old theatre. With strong community support, The Council raised another $100,000 to make the dream come true. 

Right now the theater hosts lots of different events:

  • "Stars for Saskatchewan Concert" series. The season tickets can be purchased on-line or at participating local businesses;
  • Musical and Drama productions (Steel Magnolias, Crimes of the Heart, Chicago, Annie);
  • Annual Adjudicated Arts Shows;
  • Travelling visual Exhibits;
  • Classes and workshops for adults and kids;
  • Photo Contests;
  • 3-4 movies/month 
  • and much more.
Check it out:

The theatre is available for rent