The Four-Town Ministerial Association

The members of the Ministerial Association are all the clergy of the congregations from Saltcoats, Bredenbury, Churchbridge, and Langenburg.

The Association members meet regularly to support one another in ministry, to exchange information of events that would be of interest to all congregations, to schedule provision of worship services at the Langenburg Care Home, to schedule the monthly Clergy Column in the Four-Town Journal, to provide Community Worship services in the season of Advent and Lent, and to oversee the proper distribution of monies raised from the Community Worship services. Two main projects that receive funding are the Christmas Hamper distribution to families and individuals in need; and travelers who are in need of meals and/or lodging while passing through Langenburg.

Rev. Daphne Bender (chairperson) 
Box 106
Langenburg, SK
P: 306.743.5454

Christmas Hamper Program 

The Langenburg Ministerial Association sponsors a Christmas Hamper program that runs every year in the months of November & December. The program recipients are families who are financially in need, either because they are unemployed, have recently moved and are needing help getting settled, or have medical costs that are difficult to meet on their monthly income. The Langenburg hamper program covers a 1,728  km radius of eastern Saskatchewan.

Donations to the food hampers come from:

  • an annual food drive at the Langenburg Central School;
  • deposit boxes at stores throughout the town;
  • money raised at the Langenburg Carol Festival;
  • money donated at fundraising lunches, sponsored by the Ministerial Association;
  • Churchbridge Credit Union Langenburg Branch that donates turkeys and hams. 

The citizens of Langenburg are tremendous supporters of the Christmas Hamper program. Every request has been filled. 

Kay Klopstock
Christmas Hamper Program Representative
P: 306-743-7789