Ongoing Projects

At the annual Saskatchewan Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) conference, the Town of Langenburg was awarded the Marketing Innovation Award under the population of 10,000.  

Matthew Murray with Flexnetworks who presented the award said "On behalf of Flexnetworks, I am pleased to present this award to the Town of Langenburg for a comprehensive marketing strategy targeted for both residential and industry attraction. A well-designed and attractive website anchors a clearly stated indication to leave the city and move to the country…Growing Langenburg’s face of world-class industries is the focus of a digital investment in Langenburg profile spotlighting comprehensive advantages in the key economic sectors of mining, agriculture, light-industrial, and specialty retail. A complimentary community profile provides a comprehensive overview of all things local and is available in digital, print, and an associated video overview of the town. It is clear that this rural community of 1,700 means business. I am pleased to extend my congratulations to the Town of Langenburg on a well-designed and executed economic development marketing program.”