Function Rentals

The Town of Langenburg is an ideal setting for co-ordinating your next meeting or large event.
We have 5 locations available to rent!

*Rates shown are for daily rentals unless otherwise stated.

Langenburg New Horizons Seniors Centre
$75 for either Upstairs / Downstairs
$150 for entire hall
Non Members
$125 for either Upstairs/Downstairs
$250 for Entire Hall

Address: 112 Wells Ave E, Langenburg, SK

Fern Goetz
P: (306) 743-5292

Langenburg Community Centre
Wedding/Major Events Package (Friday 8am-Sunday 3pm) $600.00 
Whole Facility (one day 9am-4am) $345.00
Main Hall/Big Side (one day 9am-4am) $205.00
Dining Room/Small Side (one day 9am-4am) $90.00
Kitchen (one day 9am-4am) $80.00
Dining Room/Small Side & Kitchen (one day 9am-4am) $170.00
Prior Day Set Up (9am) $200.00

Click HERE to see the Community Centre Rental Agreement for detailed information on renting and the form that must be filled out.
Address: 101 Carl Ave W, Langenburg, SK

Glenda Lemcke - Town of Langenburg
P: (306) 743-2432
For cleaning, maintenance, and/or instruction
Kim Wondrasek
P: (306) 496-7401 or (306) 743-2676.


Trent's Place Gazebo (Centennial Park)
FREE (seasonal)
-Please do not leave parked vehicles in the park. All vehicles once unloaded must be removed and parked on the street
-Ensure that all garbage and clean up is taken care of by the person using the facility

602 1st Ave N
Langenburg, SK
P: (306) 743-5176

Party Rental Opportunities
Swimming Pool $100.00/ hour
Skating Arena $100.00/2 hours
Trents Place Gazebo Free

Langenburg RM 181 Auditorium
$75 for Auditorium (no kitchen)
Address: 102 Carl Ave W, Langenburg, SK

Krystal Johnston, RM Administrator
P: (306) 743-2341


George Layh Theatre
The George Layh Theatre is available to rent for your function or special occasion.
Use the entire theatre for a production or rent just the reception area for an intimate and interactive atmosphere to host your small concert or party.

$150 Sunroom
$375 Whole Building
$300 Theatre*
$180 Non Show Days

*Theatre rental includes the 228-seat house with stage wings, bathrooms, and rehearsal room.

Note: $100.00 booking deposit is required on all rentals.

Jan Fogg
119 Carl Ave E, Langenburg, SK
P: (306) 743-2458


Belgian Bowling

Come pick up a set at the Rec Office for a day of entertainment.
It can be played in your backyard, while camping, or between games at
sporting events, while entertaining friends and more! A great game that
can be played almost anywhere and is fun for all ages!
Price: $25/day

Town of Langenburg
202 Wells Avenue East 
P: (306) 743-2432

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