Goliath Swings

Kenneth Mack, former farmer, made our town quite attractive for The Yellowhead Hwy travelers.

All over the internet you can find visitors reviews and recommendations to stop at Langenburg and take a look at Goliath – the World’s Highest Swing!

Kenneth originally built 3 swings. First one he constructed on his dairy farm 9 miles N.E. of Langenburg in 1984. The swing was constructed from pieces of farm implements and weighed 4000 lbs. It required a boom crane from Yorkton to set it up.

The second swing was constructed at Uncle Herb's Amusement Park west of Maple Creek in 1986. This is identical to the construction of the first swing.
In the spring of 1990, his friend Bob Schmidt hired Mack to construct a third glider swing, taller and stronger than the two previous ones. So, he did a 33 feet and 1 inch tall and 22 feet wide swing.

Over two tons of steel went into the construction of Goliath. The swing pivots are 2 Chevy car differentials, the seats are from old horse drawn farm equipment and like the two previous swings, sand fills the counterweight arms at the top, making the movement of the swing easy to accomplish. Goliath can rise to 25 feet high. In the spring of 2004, Bob Schmidt donated the swing to the town and Goliath was moved to the Langenburg Rest Area on Hwy 16. In 2022 the swing was purchased and moved to Flavor Country.

Kenneth quite enjoyed building swings, so he looked at the book of records and decided to build the longest bike in the world too! He started one winter in his shop and in 1994 he built 44 seat 85 ft. long bike that he brought to town to introduce. Unfortunately, it couldn’t hold all the peoples weight and didn’t win a record. "It was a very interesting learning experience and time. I enjoy doing it. Lots of people came to watch” remembers Ken.

Lots of years the bike was in Russell, MB and now it is in Churchbridge, SK.