Tyrel Thorpe

Tyrel is passionate about community involvement. He goes above and beyond his duties as a pharmacist to ensure the well-being of our community of Langenburg and the people in it. He spends countless hours involved in community activities and inspires and encourages others to get involved as well.
In 2018 Tyrel was awarded with Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Bowl of Hygeia Award, that is presented annually to a pharmacist in each province in Canada and each of the United States to recognize outstanding service in the community. 
Ty loves sports, and more specifically baseball, so when there was no baseball team in Langenburg, he started one. He has served as a President of the team since inception. The first year the diamond was barely playable for baseball, but now it is in the perfect shape. In August 2016 Ty, along with his wife Aubrey, served as co-chairs for the Saskatchewan Baseball Senior AA Tier IV Provincial Championship that was held in Langenburg. 
The K-12 Langenburg Central School opened in fall 2016 and replaced the ageing Hoffman Elementary and Langenburg High Schools. There was a major fund-raising undertaking for the town and surrounding area as over a million dollars needed to be raised through fundraising. Ty business donated over $5000 to this worthy cause through fundraising initiatives.
In January 2015, Ty and his wife Aubrey were blessed with their daughter Addison. Addison was born ten weeks early and spent the first seven weeks of her life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Regina General Hospital. Ty and Aubrey were able to share Addison's story live during the 2015 Z99 Radiothon in support of the Regina General NICU. The radiothon raised over $700,000 in 2015. Ty and Aubrey wanted to give back to the NICU so in February 2016 they organized a fundraiser through Pharmacy in Langenburg supporting the NICU. Over $1000 was raised and donated to the Z99 Radiothon. Tyrel and Aubrey also organized and sponsored an infant CPR course in Langenburg. 
The Family and Friends Community Foundation was established in Langenburg in 2003 to build endowments and provide grants to community groups. Ty has been a Member of the Family and Friends Foundation Board of Directors since 2013. He served as Vice-President in 2015-2016 and President 2016-2017. As President, he was responsible for running meetings and speaking on the behalf of the Foundation at various community events. One event that the Family and Friends Foundation is proud to be involved in every year is the Pink and Chocolate Reception. the reception raises money for breast cancer causes in the area, and to date has raised over $50,000.
Ty has been a player and member of the executive for the Langenburg Senior Hockey team since 2011.