Langenburg Care Homes

Langenburg Centennial Special Care Home 

The Town of Langenburg Care Home is an accredited Level 4 facility, managed by the Saskatchewan Health Authority. The Care Home officially opened on August 23, 1976 and became one of the best Care Homes in Saskatchewan.
The facility has 45 long-term beds, 2 palliative beds and 130 full-time and part-time employees. Due to easy access to the Langenburg Health Center and the big support of local Family & Friends Community Foundation, the facility is able to offer the necessities needed for good quality of life:

  • Adult day wellness program;
  • Doctor visits;
  • Lab and X-ray services;
  • Occupational therapist services;
  • Dietitian services;
  • Respite services;
  • Regular church services;
  • Daily activities;
  • Smoking room;
  • Transportation;
  • Pets are welcome to visit;
  • Palliative care family room;
  • Emergency Medical Services;
  • Addiction Councillor;
  • Telehealth service;
  • Wanderguard system.
The Care Home kitchen together with Langenburg Home Care Services provide a "Meals on Wheels" service too.
The Care Home is always looking for different entertainment opportunities for their residents as well as funding. Any support or free services available is greatly appreciated.
Also, the Care Home is one of the biggest employers in our town. If you are interested in employment with the Care Home please apply online at: 
Colleen Larocque
Health Service Administrator
P: 306-743-2222
F: 306-743-5025