Business Incentives & Support

Langenburg prides itself on creating the most competitive business environment in the area through business property taxes, low business license fees, incentives, grants, and other municipality support.  

BUSINESS LICENSE. The annual business license fee is just $35.

PROPERTY TAXES. On average, commercial property owners pay a 0.6 mill rate (3.96 mills) as residential (6.6 mills) and it is applied to any existing and new business within the community. 

FACADE IMPROVEMENT GRANT. Up to $7,000 annually for facade renovation projects.


Commercial Construction The town provides a 4-years 100% land and building tax incentive for any newly constructed commercial building that is built to house commercial or industrial operations. The incentive is valid for the new businesses
Residential Construction Town provides 3-years 100% land and building tax incentive for the new residential house construction. The 3 years tax incentive is transferable to house buyers until the 3-years period is done. Available lots.
Purchase The Town provides a 2-years 100% land and building tax incentive for the business that bought the existing empty commercial building for commercial or industrial operations
Expansion The Town provides a $1,500 tax rebate for an existing business that expands and attracts new business/services in the existing building and creates at least 1 full-time work position
Renovation The Town provides 100% land and building tax incentive for existing business renovation period up to 6 months if the business is closed during that period. This is a one-time tax incentive in 5 years
The Town of Langenburg Council is open to special requests to customize the business and tax incentive packages to any specific project including rent supplements. 


BUSINESS ADVERTISING. Langenburg helps local businesses to be seen and promotes them free of charge by running:
  • The Annual Social Media Shop Local Campaign. It runs every December, on 'Langenburg's Local Business Month', to highlight the importance of local business in our community. Follow Facebook #shoplocal #shoplocallangenburg.
  • "Shop Local Corner" at the local 'Four Town Journal' newspaper. Businesses are welcome to advertise their sales, events, and other happenings in the newspaper by e-mailing information to
  • Business Directory at

SUPPORT. Visit Langenburg's Business Start-Up Guide where you will find lots of useful information, grants, and financing options offered by various Saskatchewan and Canada agencies, or contact Economic Development Officer.
Town of Langenburg
P: 306-743-2432