New Horizon's Center

The New Horizon's Center is operated by the New Horizon's Club. It is a non-profit community facility utilized as a recreation space and for gatherings. Many social activities take place in this hall and are catered to the older adult population.
This spacious and cozy hall includes a small stage, dance floor, shuffle boards, floor curling, pool tables as well as a basement with a full kitchen facility. The space is fully accessible including its newest addition of a wheel chair ramp as well as a chair lift for the stairs leading to the basement. The facility can be rented out. Please visit our rentals page for details.
112. Wells Ave West
P: (306) 743-5292
Weekly Events
Mondays - Pot Luck Lunch $10 or bring a food item
Tuesdays - Pool and Shuffleboard @ 9:30 am
                 Canasta @ 1:30 pm
Wednesdays - Coffee Hour @ 1:30 pm
Music Jam Sessions 
1st Saturday of each month @ 1:00 pm
Everyone welcome
Whist & Sheepshead
2nd & 4th Friday of the month