Half Moon Holistic 

A beautiful woman inside & out, Alexis Schappert, holding Bachelor of International Business degree, started her career at a health food store in Calgary, where she learned more about healthy food. But this was not her first confrontation with health. In her youth, Alexis worked and volunteered for Greenpeace. "The earth was always very important to me. Every decision and every choice shapes us, from what we eat to the clothes we buy. Every dollar spent is a vote towards the future we wish to create” – shares Alexis. In 2011 she came back to Langenburg to help run family business. But she felt a burning desire to learn more and to deepen her knowledge, so she decided to take a 200 hour yoga certification, and after her son Pacha’s birth, Alexis started to offer yoga classes. "I wish our community to be healthy – body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and nutrition have radically changed my life and I want to share this healing with others.” This mission led her to became a certified Thai Yoga massage practitioner last year and right now she is studying to became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. "With everything in the media, choosing what’s healthy for you can be overwhelming. Just because something is healthy for someone, does not mean it’s right for you! Everyone is unique, with their own personal path to wellness" - warns Alexis.

Alexis services include:
- Yoga classes for adults and kids 
- Thai Yoga Massage 
Alexis offers private and group classes including special events.
P: 306-496-7557
E-mail: aschappert86@hotmail.com

"Healing Things"

The owner, Myrna Pilon, has developed as an emotional/medical intuitive, energy worker, spiritual speaker and a clairaudient channel for facilitate growth and healing on multiple levels. She calls herself an Energy Catalyst and has a strong desire to be of assistance in creating an environment for the body to heal within. She uses her emphatic abilities alongside your own healing knowing that is within each cell, to assist in the releasing of limitations in the energy field and uncovering more of yourself and your potential.
This can be done from distance or in person. Sessions are intimate, professional, private and heartfelt. You may experience release, warmth, tingling, peace, lightness of being, tears, laughter, and energy pulsations - all perfectly orchestrated for personal growth. 
These are some of the intuitive offerings:
- Massage with or without the Young Living Oils
- Intuitive Reading/Angel Therapy
- Body Scan/Medical Intuitive
- Other Lifetimes
- Mediumship

P: (306) 743-2604

Live Pure Products & Spa

Meditation played a critical role in Lori’s own self healing journey and after attending life altering self development retreats and taking a variety of healing modalities & workshops, she knew she needed to create a space to bring these beautiful practices to Langenburg. 
In fall 2017 was created the "Heart Spa.” The space has grown in tremendous ways ever since, hosting a vast variety of workshops from Qi Gong, Intuitive development, Oracle Card workshops, Chakra balancing, Full & New Moon & sound ceremonies, group meditation and so much more. The community and space continue to grow along with Lori as a healer, meditation/relaxation guide, sound & crystal healing therapist, Reiki practitioner, empowerment coach, author, artist and most importantly just her authentic self! "I believe we are all unlimited potential; anything & everything is possible! I try not to limit myself with any labels of what I do as I know I am continually growing and evolving.”
"In 2019 I decided to live fully from my heart doing only what makes my heart & soul happy, I am passionate about helping others to live from their hearts. I made the transition from polishing nails to polishing souls and now offer personal growth empowerment sessions, host a regular meditation group, Moon circles and a variety of other events & workshops. Anyone and everyone are welcome in this space!”

121 Kaiser William Ave. Langenburg
P: 306-606-9011