Health services

Langenburg Health CentreLangenburg Health Centre
Address: 200 Heritage Drive
Phone: (306) 743-2661
Fax: (306) 743-2448

Langenburg Public Health Office
Address: 200 Heritage Drive
Phone: (306) 743-2801
Fax: (306) 743-2899

Langenburg Home Care Office
Address: 200 Heritage Drive

Phone: (306) 743-5005
Fax: (306) 743-2844

Meals On Wheels
Langenburg Home Care

Meals on Wheels are available in Langenburg Monday to Friday at noon. Meals are prepared by the Centennial Special Care Home and are delivered by volunteers.

Meals on Wheels is offered through Home Care, so those using home care can receive a nutritious meal every weekday at noon delivered to their homes. The cost of the meal to the client is set by Saskatchewan Health. At this time it is $7.32 per meal.

All Meals on Wheels services throughout Sunrise Health Region can be accessed through the local Home Care office. Once an application has been made for this service, an assessment is done. Meals on Wheels are provided according to need, and is not based on age.

Centennial Special Care Home
  • 44 Long Term Care Beds
  • 2 Respite Beds
  • 1 Palliative Care Bed
  • Adult Day Care Program
Address: 407 Second Street South

Phone: (306) 743-2232/2222
Fax: (306) 743-5025