Business Incentives & Support

The Town of Langenburg prides itself on being a business and family friendly town and creating an attractive community through tax incentives and other significant support for local & new businesses and families. 

  • 0 business tax;
  • The town has one of the lowest municipal property tax gaps (1.22) in the Central East Region. That means, on average, commercial property owners pay 1.22 times what residential owners pay in municipal property taxes. Commercial property owners pay only 1/2 the millrate (3.0 mills) as residential and it is applied to any existing and new business within our community. Levy calculation example.
  • Low business license fee.
  • The town provides a 4-years 100% land and building tax incentive for any newly constructed commercial building that is built to house commercial or industrial operations. The incentive is valid for the new businesses;
  • Town provides 3-years 100% land and building tax incentive for the new residential house construction. The 3 years tax incentive is transferable to house buyers until the 3-years period is done.  
  • The Town provides a 2-years 100% land and building tax incentive for the business who bought existing commercial building for commercial or industrial operations;
  • The Town provides a $1,500 tax rebate for existing business that expands and attracts new business/services in existing building and creates at least 1 full-time work position.
  • The Town provides 100% land and building tax incentive for existing business renovation period up to 6 months if the business is closed during that period. This is one-time tax incentive in 5 years.
The Town of Langenburg Council is willing to customize the business and tax incentive packages to any specific project including rent supplements if needed. 
Langenburg Business Facade Improvement Grant for existing businesses. More information;
-  Funding to hire young graduates. Financial support for technology innovation. Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program;
-  The Canada - Saskatchewan Job Grant for training your employees;
-  Start-up program for business owners aged 18-39. Futurpreneur Canada;
-  The Canada Summer Jobs Grant for employers. Government of Canada;
-  Can Export funding for SME. Government of Canada;
-  Loans for entrepreneurs. The Business Development Bank of Canada;
-  Other grants and financing for business. Search.