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Town Residential Lots
Residential lots owned by The Town of Langenburg are 65 x 110 / 75 x 110 sizes and locates on 3rd, 4th, Riedel Ave, and Century Crescent streets. Town provides 3-years 100% land and building tax incentive for the new residential house construction! 
Contact Town Office at (306) 743-2432, office@langenburg.ca

Buy or rent

Warren Vandenameele
P: (306) 743-5558, c: (306) 743-7761
Alex Vandenameele
P: (306) 743-558, c:(306) 743-7033

Buy or rent
Fawn Wickham
P: (306) 743-7921

Long/short term rental
Langenburg Housing Authority
(affordable rental housing for families, individuals or seniors)
Manager Paulette Hautz
P: (306) 743-2393
E: tphautz@sasktel.net
Office hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Long term rental
Mitschke Appartments
Tom Mitschke 
P: (306) 743-7700

Long term rental
Address: 207 Riedel Ave. E, Langenburg
Cheryl Haas
P: (306) 743-7271
E: cheryl_haas@hotmail.com
Residential lots for modular homes
P: (844) 525-4006
W: https://www.northernlightscommunity.ca/ (lots size 130 x 50)
 Short term rental
Duck Pond Guesthouse
Two cabins for rent. Just 8 miles (12.8 k) north of Marchwell, SK
Marla and Richard Geres
P: (306) 743-5299
E: easternsky.duckpond@gmail.com
 Short term rental
Langenburg Country Inn Motel 
Address: 1041 Kaiser William Avenue East, Langenburg
Young Yoon
P: (306) 743-2638
E: langenburgcountryinnmotel@hotmail.com