#whylangenburg campaign

#WHYLANGENBURG social media storytelling marketing campaign

Langenburg Community Development Board launched #whylangenburg campaign on January 2019. Storytelling can be described as taking general information and making it feel important, impassioned and interesting. It’s about emotions and experiences. We want to sell a feeling (how nice to live and work in Langenburg), not a place! 

LCDB prepares weekly posts on Town social media platforms and these include stories about all we have (people, businesses, history, events etc.) 

Types of social media #whylangenburg posts:



What is the goal of this campaign?

  • To show the town's life through our people and businesses stories, that new people and businesses, who are looking for a new place, will see Langenburg as one of their choices;
  • To connect residents and town, engaging communication on social media platforms. That residents will feel included in the town's decisions and growth, and will be proud about the place, where they live;
  • To create effective marketing channel for the town by increasing town social media active followers. 

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