Skating rinks

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The Langenburg Skating Arena is home to the Langenburg Warriors.

From October to April you can find several tiny skaters learning to skate, a strong Minor Hockey program, a Triangle Hockey League Senior Team and lots of recreational skate times!

The Arena's spectator seating is heated for family and friends to come out and watch their loved ones skate and play hockey!

Enjoy watching senior hockey? Check out the "Friends of the Warriors" Facebook Page to stay connected with our Senior team.


To check available ice times to rent and for the public skating schedule please visit the Sports Calendar

To reserve ice time or for more information – contact  Juli Mitschke the Recreation Director, at 306-743-5176

Outdoor Rink
Located at the Langenburg Central School grounds is a new multipurpose outdoor skating rink.
During the Spring, Fall and Summer you will often find kids shooting hoops or having a pick up basketball game, come winter it becomes the spot to work on your skating and hockey skills.
This is a volunteer ran outdoor facility, please respect the rules, enjoy and have fun!
This facility is weather dependent! Be sure to check out the Langenburg Central School Facebook page for announcements for the seasons opening day!

Please click here to review the rules.