Town Council & LCDB

BACK (left to right):
Councillor Lorrie Popp
Councillor Tanner Hunt
Councillor Craig Costello- RESIGNED
Councillor Brad Sicinski

FRONT (left to right):
Councillor Don Wyand
Mayor Don Fogg
Councillor Marion Firby
New Councillor: Jeremy Stasiuk
Chairman Town Mayor Don Fogg
Vice Chair Lana Bily
RM Reeve Terry Hildebrandt
RM Councillor Leighton Schappert
Town Councillor Jeremy Stasiuk
Member at large Jenn Jelinski
Member at large Michelle Andrews


Investing in our community is crucial to realizing the town's mission of making Langenburg a safe, attractive, and progressive community in which to live and grow.... 

Langenburg Community Development Board is committed to building individual, organizational and community capacity that will enhance the overall well-being of individuals and families and contribute to the positive growth and development of our community, therefore:

The Langenburg Community Development Board will...

  • Support the development and sustainability of community based organizations.
  • Engage and support individuals and organizations to provide support for community based organizations.
  • Mobilize individuals, families and community organizations to promote a vibrant sense of community.
  • Connect people to resources and information.
  • Encourage the development of, and provide support for, partnerships and co-operative relationships.
  • Ensure people have opportunities to make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Ensure people have access to a broad range of affordable and accessible sport, culture, parks, recreation and active living opportunities.
  • Protect parks, open spaces and the natural environment to ensure that they remain accessible for public enjoyment.