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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world in terms of player numbers. It has grown in popularity because it is a team sport;  it’s easy to learn; it builds athleticism and endurance; it’s internationally enjoyed; and it’s inexpensive.  These are many good reasons why our rural area has caught on to this great sport and is looking for ways to grow it. 

At the inception of the program in the community, soccer was going to be run casually, as a drop-in event one night a week. After consistently  having between 100-130 children show up for casual play, we decided to build a club which is why the Langenburg United Soccer Organization (USO) came to be.Littles
 Langenburg USO has a goal of promoting the active  sport  of soccer  to all individuals.  Because this sport is somewhat still  new to the community, our goal is to continue to build capacity on many levels. We have dedicated resources to training coaches, referees, and building interest for the athletes through summer camps and occasional programming at the schools. This has been possible because of the support of Community, Local Government/Recreation, local fundraisers, and donations.  The Club has appreciated ongoing support from The Family and Friends Foundation, Churchbridge Credit Union, Tim Hortons, Saskatchewan Lotteries, MAP Grants, Saskatchewan Soccer Association, and many local businesses. In addition,  the commitment and dedication from the local Board  of Directors (past and present) has been a driving factor towards progression. We currently have 12 teams: 2 - U5; 3-U7; 3 - U9; 2-U11; 1 - U13; 1- U15/17 Ages for the teams range between 5-17 years.We also initiated a Parent and Toddler  program which includes 28 children between the ages of 2-4. In total, we have 152 young athletes participating in the program!
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Over and above this, we are organizing an adult drop in soccer night where the "grown ups” with varied experience, too can enjoy the sport. Included in the league: Langenburg/Esterhazy/Rocanville/Moosomin/Whitewood 

This is our 11th year in operation.  We have come a long way thanks to the commitment of the club leaders, participants, and community.Our soccer pitches were originally housed at the Langenburg School grounds  and then moved out to the sports grounds where we collaborated with the local Baseball Program to share space.

Our largest undertaking was the development of pitches at the Langenburg Sportsgrounds. The ground development was substantial - removing scrub, levelling, filling, seeding, and rock picking. All in all, it has been approximately a $40,000 improvement when considering monetary as well as in-kind contributions.  We are beyond thrilled to see the dream hit reality this year as we use the pitches for the first time.  
Growth is always on our mind. How we can better our program, our facility, and most importantly all of the athletes… Will always be the focus of our club.  We are always looking for new energy and input to strengthen our club.

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