Water & Sewer

Recommendations how to avoid frozen water lines!


  • Leave a cold water tap running at a steady stream of about 6 mm or 1/4 inch (approximate thickness of a drinking straw). Ensure the drain is kept clear of debris to prevent overflowing or flooding.
  • Leave cupboard doors under your kitchen sink and bathroom sink open if piping is located next to exterior walls. Please take care to remove household cleaners and other items that could harm children or pets while cupboard doors are open.
  • Do not turn your furnace below 13 degrees C (55° F) at night or when the house is vacant.
  • Shut off and drain pipes leading to outside faucets.
  • Wrap foam pipe insulation around pipes most prone to freezing (e.g., near outside walls, crawlspaces, attics, garages).
  • Seal air leaks in your home and garage, especially in areas where pipes are located. If you are away, have someone check your home regularly. If you are leaving your property vacant for the winter months, you are advised to have your water services temporarily shut off.
More information about frozen lines HERE. 
Please note that only those directed to run a tap by the Municipality will be compensated for increased use.
Review Town of Langenburg Frozen Water Services Policy for more information. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Town office for details.