Langenburg has Tee/Toss Ball, Softball & Baseball, Senior Baseball and a Slo Pitch League.

Slow Pitch
In September of 1991 an official Constitution and Bylaw was adopted for Minor Athletics to set a foundation going forward for Minor sports. It was at this time Minor Athletics was an organization for all Minor Sports. Since then each organization has separated and created their own identity. 
How ever the sport of Baseball/Softball has been played in Langenburg for a much longer time. According to the published book "Walk Back Through Time- A history of Langenburg & District , A Celebrate Saskatchewan Project" baseball was casually played through pick up games and teams formed to enter into Sports Days dating back as early as 1915. These events were held any day of the week and aloud teams to enter several sports days per week! Most events ended with a "Monster Dance" party. Today we celebrate Sports Days on the first Saturday of June where teams in the District gather for a tournament.
Langenburg has had several different teams come and go. Some of the team names included the "Hohenlohe Hornets,"  "Langenburg Dusters," "Langenburg Indians," With todays Senior Team being called " The Langenburg Legends." 

It is our mission to initiate, promote and organize the sport of minor ball in Langenburg and district in order that youth may develop physically, socially and mentally. As well as promote leadership and sportsmanship among the participants by demonstrating
these qualities to the participants.

Langenburg Ball hosts several events including: Provincials, Playoffs and Minor Ball Days. Hosting large events does not come easy and Minor Ball is always looking for new volunteers to lend a hand! 
Some of the major successes over the passed three years include: Redeveloping Diamond 4 that spent most of it's time under water each spring previously, updating and reconstructing the batting cage as well as improving the overall appearance of all diamonds and dugouts at the sportsgrounds.
Future plans include:
Freshening up the Canteen
Finishing the back fence on Diamond #4
Dream of creating an over hang shelter on the front of the canteen
Purchasing new uniforms for each team

For inquiries:
Minor Ball:  Click here for  their website

Senior "Legends" Contact: Tyrel Thorpe 306-291-1255
Slopitch Contact: Recreation Director - Juli Mitschke 306-743-5176