"Why Langenburg" storytelling campaign

LCDB launches #whylangenburg storytelling social media marketing campaign

Storytelling can be described as taking information that is not that exclusive and making it feel important, impassioned and interesting. It’s about emotions and experiences. The more emotional we feel, the less likely we are going to feel cynical. And cynicism needs to be stripped away before we take decision. We will sell feeling, not a place! 


Marketing strategy "WHY LANGENBURG” will:

Help generate the ideas on how to improve the quality of life in Langenburg;
- Increase marketing efforts to bring visitors and newcomers that will help downtown businesses to prosper; 
Satisfy current residents and younger generation that is more likely to stay and continue the town’s development;
- promote local businesses;
- help connect the residents and town;
- will rise amount of Town social media followers that will help town to be seen outside of town.
Types of social media posts:
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