Watermain Flushing

WATERMAIN FLUSHING The Public Works Department wishes to advise residents that water main flushing is scheduled for the week of September 25th-29th 2017 Water main flushing could cause pressure changes, some discolouration, and sediment in the water from the taps in your home or business. This will be for a short time only. This discolouration is NOT a health hazard, strictly aesthetic. WHAT CAN YOU DO? - Run an outside tap or cold water tap in your bathtub until the water is clear - Avoid running hot water until the cold water has cleared up. This is to avoid filling your hot water tank with dirty water - Kitchen and bathroom faucets usually have screens which may become clogged due to the discoloured water. - Minimize consumption until water runs clear. Public Works Department, Town of Langenburg
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