Langenburg Sign Corridor Permit Application Process Open!

Any businesses or organizations interested in having a sign put up in the Langenburg Sign Corridor can now apply at the Town Office. A form is available on the Town of Langenburg website by clicking on Town Office, then Forms (on the left hand side menu), and then Sign Corridor Permit Application.

Interested persons should fill out the application; submit a sketch of the proposed sign, and submit payment at the Town Office. Once the permit has been approved, then they can go ahead to get a sign made to put up in the corridor. This will allow the Town Office to confirm your spot in the corridor. Businesses/organizations must have a sign in both corridors. There is no option to select the east side or west side. There is limited space in the corridors due to specifications and regulations so permits will be granted on a first come first serve basis. Once the corridor is full, further applications will be placed on a waiting list. Payments will be returned to people who are on the waiting list and they will be contacted in order when space becomes available.

Registered letters will also be sent out notifying owners that they have 30 days to deconstruct signs that are not in the current sign corridor as they are now considered illegal. Any signs left up after the 30 days will be taken down by the Town and disposed of.

Because we were slightly delayed in getting both corridors approved we hope to still get the signs up in reasonable time to when they are received.

We would like the thank businesses, organizations and the general public for the patience and cooperation in getting the corridor up and running!

Anyone who has questions regarding the sign corridor can contact:

Brooke Wallin Langenburg Community Development Officer 306.743.5177

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