Community Development Update

Langenburg Economic Development Update:

It has been an exciting start to the beginning of the month! The Langenburg Economic Development Committee held a spring community cleanup and even though the group was small they accomplished a huge amount! Some of the sidewalks in town were edged and most of the litter was picked up around town. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

Everyone will notice now that the town flags have been put up bordering the highway within town limits and pretty soon the Rest Stop will be open with a “beetle” full of flowers. It is officially Spring! The Rock 98.5 rock climbing wall will be at the Rest Stop by “Goliath” on May 14th from 2-5 pm for persons interested in climbing or watching people climb the wall. They will also be on location broadcasting updates from our community so tune in!

On the east side of Main Street beside Yuen’s Family Clothing you will notice a lot of change taking place! And by a lot, I mean a lot! Currently, Darius Petkviciene of Darius carpentry is looking to build commercial property there. If anyone is interested in office space or new space for their business, please contact myself or Darius (306)496-7011. He is looking to build what the market demands, so building specifications are up for discussion. Because it is located right along the highway this location gets a tonne of exposure to customers!

Businesses and highway traffic can also look forward to the new sign corridor to be up and running in the near future! Once the new corridor is in full effect, businesses with any signs that are currently established in and around the town limits will be required to have them deconstructed and apply for a permit to put up new signs in the corridor. The west side sign corridor is located on the south side of Highway 16 across from the Elevators and the east side corridor will be on the north side of Highway 16 roughly 2.8kms east of Langenburg. Signs in the corridor will have to follow certain specifications so that the overall effect will be sharp advertising for businesses and organizations. Anyone interested in applying for a permit can stay tuned for more information in the paper, the town website and Facebook page. They can contact me for a request to be contacted once the permitting process is open.

There will be a meeting in the RM Auditorium on May 25th from 7-8am for any businesses, big and small, interested in learning more about forming a Langenburg Business Association. Anyone who was a member of the previous Langenburg Chamber of Commerce is also invited to attend as there will be discussion regarding the past Chamber of Commerce. Business owners are encouraged to send a representative on their behalf if they are unable to attend the meeting. The more feedback received from the business community the better! Some topics that will be discussed at the meeting are fees, meeting structure, promotional ideas and the past Chamber of Commerce fees. Business associations have proven to be very beneficial in communities not only as a networking tool, but as a promoting tool. There is always strength in numbers and my hope is that by bringing the business community together we can achieve even greater goals!

A weekly farmer’s market has started in Langenburg at the Koch Gallery & Gift Shop (501 March Ave E). The farmer’s market will be open for the public from 12-4pm on Mondays from now until the end of the summer. Anyone interested in putting up a table at the farmer’s market can contact Miriam Koch for more details. Langenburg will also have a farmer’s market/flea market at the Laugh & Linger Days celebration, on Saturday August 1st from 12-4 pm. Anyone interested in more information or putting in a booth, please contact myself.

Anyone interested in participating in the Laff n’ Linger Farmer’s/Flea/Craft Market on August 1st as well as the market held on September 5th at the town Rest Stop can contact me as well.

We are still looking into the development of an adult living complex and hope to have information for the public in the coming month. There will also be an information session in the next month regarding the Main Street program. It will be a basic meeting to introduce the public to how the program works.

Please check the newspaper for more updates on community development in the near future!

Brooke Wallin Community Development Officer 306.743.5177

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