Community Development Report

Langenburg Community Development Report Wow! Langenburg is off to a busy start this year. We have 4 new businesses open already: Perron’s Restoration, Sauna Lifestyles, Swica Graphic Design & Photography and Koch Gallery & Gifts. We are also working with more entrepreneurs that have plans to open later this spring – so stay tuned for that! The new school construction is underway! Drive by when you have a chance – it’s very exciting to see a new school being built. The Langenburg and District School Committee is working hard to organize Laff N Linger days that will be held July 31, Aug 1&2nd 2015. To help get ready for that event the Langenburg Economic Development Committee is working with the Town to organize a Town Clean Bee in May. We will be looking for volunteers to help make this town look amazing. We want to set a good impression for all the visitors we will be having. More details to follow soon. We have been attending training sessions for the Revitalize Main Street Program. We have been learning how the program works and are excited to share information with the public soon. We will be working hard to find grants and will work closely with business owners to see the buildings come to life. We can’t wait for it to start taking shape, but we still have a bit of training left to do. There are 25 buildings included in this Program. The area selected starts at the Former Liquor store building and goes east all the way to Prairie Sky Garage Doors. It also goes south from the TD bank to the George Layh Theatre and over to Bumper to Bumper. So it is quite a large area, which shows just how big our downtown business area is. We have a new Welcome Committee in Town which includes Barbara Rindisbacher, Michele Yeske, Barbie Schmidt and Lina Petkeviciene. This committee knows how important it is to make new residents feel welcomed and a part of the community. They are looking for businesses and organizations to contribute items to their welcome baskets. Busiensses can call Barbara at 306.743.5552 or the items can be dropped off at Brooks Mack Law Office. Also, if you or someone you know is new to town please call Barbara at 306.743.5552. They would like to reach everyone new in town and make them feel a part of our great town! We still are looking at building a 55+ Adult Living Complex. Right now we are securing land and will hopefully have an update soon. There are 700 people over the age of 55 in the Town and RM of Langenburg and this is something we feel is needed. If anyone has any questions about what’s happening in Langenburg I can be contacted for more information: Michelle Nicholauson (306) 743-5177 Langenburg – Community and Economy Growing Together!!
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