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Black Refuse and Blue Bin Recycling Questions and Answers

Public Meeting March 19, 2014

Q:     What can we do with empty oil containers?

A:      TBD

Q:     Who is responsible for containers?

A:      Home owners are responsible for the proper care and storage of Containers

Q:      How are corner lots affected where do we put our containers?

A:      Containers are to be put by your driveway

Q:      Where does my construction material go?

A:      TBD

Q:     What should I do with my grass clippings?

A:      Grass clipping, garden waste and tree trimming will be given a special location once the new transfer station is set up and residents will be allowed haul them.  Other options include mulch for your yard, compost, mulching while cutting grass or bagging it and putting t in your regular garbage if you have room.   Please note that if you bag it and put it in the black bin the town gets charged by weight so it will cost the town more.

Q:     How will commercial waste be handled? 

A:      Commercial buildings may get different amount of bins based on need.  They will also receive weekly pick up. 

Q:     Can we put addresses on our bin?

A:      If you find you need to you can use stick on letters they must be small and neatly attached – DO NOT Paint or Deface Bin.

Q:     Garbage every 2 weeks is that going to cause smell issues?

A:      Other communities are doing this and no issues reported.

Q:     Do we require any special bags?

A:      Garbage containers you can use any bags, Recycle - don't bag (except shredded Paper)

Q:     Can I put the lids off my containers in recycling?

A:      No - lids from containers are garbage.  A good rule to remember is, if it is smaller than a credit card don’t put it in your recycling.

Q:       Can I recycle Styrofoam?

A:      Even though Styrofoam has a #4 recycle symbol it is not accepted and must go in your black bin.

Q:     What should I do with my food waste?

A:      Vegetable and fruit matter are great for your garden, it can be composted, or go into your regular garbage.  Council hopes to provide composting at the transfer station.  

Q:     What do I do with shredded paper?

A:      Shredded paper is recycled in your bin however it needs to be bagged in a clear plastic bag and tied.

Q:     How clean do my containers need to be to recycle?

A:      Rise containers - clean not spotless.

Q:     Do I need to remove all the labels?

A:      Labels can stay on.

Q:     Would the Town consider doing 3 additional picks up a year?

A:      Council will discuss this option.

Did you know!   

-The Trucks picking are equipped with cameras to monitor proper use of your bins.

-Compost Bins can be purchased from Local Business and used in your yard.

Refuse/Black Bin Pick Up starts on April 3rd, 2014 and will be picked up every second Thursday from that week forward.

Recycling/Blue Bin Pick Up starts on April 10th, 2014 and will be picked up every second Thursday from that week forward.

Other important facts to remember:

  • Do not remove the cart from its assigned address.  If you move, the cart must remain at that location for the next residents use.
  • Do not paint or write on the cart.
  • Do not dispose of hot ashes, oil or contaminants in the cart.
  • Do not put construction debris in the cart.
  • Inform the Town of Langenburg of any damage, vandalism or theft of the cart.  It is important to note the serial number stamped on the cart placed at your residence.
  • You are responsible for your cart so PLEASE TAKE CARE OF IT.

***Refuse and Blue Bin pick up’s alternate each week!!!*** 

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