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The Public Works Department wishes to advise residents that water main flushing is scheduled for the week of May 15th-19th 2017
Water main flushing could cause pressure changes, some discolouration, and sediment in the water from the taps in your home or business. This will be for a short time only. This discolouration is NOT a health hazard, strictly aesthetic.
- Run an outside tap or cold water tap in your bathtub until the water is clear
- Avoid running hot water until the cold water has cleared up. This is to avoid filling your hot water tank with dirty water
- Kitchen and bathroom faucets usually have screens which may become clogged due to the discoloured water.
- Minimize consumption until water runs clear.
Public Works Department, Town of Langenburg




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new school thank you



Langenburg prides itself on being a safe and friendly community. We have state of the art health and child care facilities, excellent sporting programs and arts events that are second to none. Education is a high priority in Langenburg and we are excited to announce that a new Pre-K to 12 school is being constructed. We are located on Highway 16, which brings a lot of traffic to our thriving businesses. We are also located near four potash mines and are experiencing high employment rates and growth in our town’s population. There are so many things that Langenburg has to offer. We hope you enjoy our website and if you aren’t from Langenburg, please stop by and visit us soon!

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